Aromatherapy Candles and Bath Salts are here!

For years I have loved the all natural bath and cosmetic products of Tess & James, and I am thrilled to have been able to work with them in order to create our new aromatherapy soy candles and mineral bath soak. I just picked up our first batch of candles and salts yesterday and they smell amazing!Aromatherapy Candles

Angela Basile and Jess Van Wormer started Tess & James in 2014, and it has grown slowly into what it is today — artisanal style, all natural products, bath and cosmetic goodies, dry goods and sundries– all made in small batches from a home studio in Rhinebeck, NY.

Their products are available at many locations locally (my favorite being Paper Trail), and if you are in NYC you can find their collection at the Freehand Hotel.

Our Sleep candle is infused with soothing lavender and rosemary essential oils. The perfect companion for relaxing with a good book before bed or taking a long, soothing bubble bath. Lemon and Peppermint infused Rise will brighten your mood and your morning 🙂 Relax Aromatherapy Mineral Soak is infused with lavender essential oils and contains Magnesium Sulfate, Mediterranean Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, Dendritic Salt, Rose Petal Powder, Lavender Essential Oil. This blend promotes relaxation while soothing tired and aching muscles.

I hope you’ll love them as much as I do!




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