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Holiday 2016…almost here!

I am so excited about how all of the pictures turned out during last week’s photo shoot.  All of the new products should be online within the next week. New Cashmere Robes, Liberty of London Pajamas, Organic Cotton Pajamas, Double Brushed Flannel Pajamas, Printed Flannel Pajamas , and Cotton Voile Pajamas will be here soon!


DIY Liberty Fabric Mermaids- a fun present for little ones!

In between packing orders and speaking with all of our lovely customers I’m trying to finish up my own Christmas shopping. This last week before Christmas is slightly quieter than the past few weeks so it is a good time to start on a homemade present for my daughters. I love to sew, and my daughters love arts and crafts. Last year they became very interested in looking for stuffed animal patterns on Etsy that we could download and sew at home. I first spotted the MerMae pattern on the Hawthorne Threads blog (a wonderful website if you like fabric), and decided to make one for each of my daughters for Christmas.  mermae1

Sewing the dolls was a wonderful way to relax and unwind after they went to bed each night and they loved them. You may recognize some of the prints they chose as fabrics used for our Liberty of London Pajamas and Printed Portuguese Flannel Pajamas. If you are looking for a DIY present you can buy the pattern here and download it instantly. Happy Sewing!

Here are all three together, the one in the middle has some lipgloss on and received a haircut, but generally they held up very well! So cute. I love them.

Here are all three together, the one in the middle has some lipgloss on and received a haircut, but generally they held up very well! So cute. I love them.


Liberty of London Cropped Pajamas

Our Liberty of London Cropped Pajamas are back! We just added them to the site last night, and I am so excited that we brought back two of our best-selling prints of all time, Kensington Gardens and Deco Peacock. I loved these two prints and we carried them from 2006-2008 until deciding it was probably time to retire them for a little while. It’s been 6 years now and it felt like time to bring them back. Our Egyptian Cotton Cropped Pajamas and Nightshirts are back in stock as well. If you would like to place an order today and have them shipped for free, enter FREESHIP at checkout.FB TBTAfter a long winter I am so thankful that the sunshine has returned and warmer temperatures are on the way. We took a walk the other day to look for signs of spring, and the girls were so excited to see signs of green wherever we could find them.20140324_114947

We live on a farm and the chickens are now happily spending time outside their coop again, and soon the cows will be out of the barn and in the pasture. How sweet is this baby cow?20140324_114753

Our neighbors are a wonderful family with older children, and the animals are all theirs (just to be clear I deserve no credit for caring for them)  but we get to enjoy their presence and also the convenience of occasionally running outside to grab an egg when a recipe calls for more than we have. Hopefully the rural landscape answers any questions as to why our FedEx Express cut-off times are so early. Gone are the days of Manhattan’s 7:30pm pick-ups! Happy Spring!


Valentine’s Day Liberty Fabric Pillow DIY

snow day 1

During one of our many snow days this month, my Daughter and I decided to make a Valentine’s Day project using some of the Liberty Fabrics that we just brought in for Fall/Holiday ’14 sample making. We made a pillow inspired by Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 1.48.26 PM


FIrst we made a pattern in photoshop replicating the sculture as best we could, but we wanted to keep the “O” vertical rather than tilted. After creating block letters that filled up a 20×20″ area we printed them out and taped them together to make a pattern. Then we traced the letters and did our best to adhere them to a piece of linen using small pieces of fusible tape and fabric glue. Next we topstitched the letters using a zig zag stitch. Finally we sewed an envelope style back and stuffed it with a 20×20″ insert.snow day 3


If we ever make another version of the same pillow I’ll change the font slightly so that there is less negative space inside the O and also make sure the letter block is perfectly square, but it was a fun first try! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, keep an eye out for these two patterns in our Liberty of London Pajamas!

snow day4


She’s Finished!


Our weekend penguin project was so fun, and very very easy! If you are looking for a sewing project that young children will enjoy, this Clara the Penguin pattern on Craftsy is perfect. Including tracing, cutting, and sewing, the whole project took about an hour. The most difficult part of the whole project was tracing pattern pieces on the napped fabric, so we just used a brightly colored washable marker for those.

PenguinbeginningSewing Clara was very simple, and we used Liberty Fabric’s Wiltshire pattern for her body.  I may have to add this pattern to our Liberty of London Pajama collection. The napped fabric for her belly, back, and fins is from Jo-Ann fabrics, as is the felt for her beak and feet. It looks like we are in for a snow day or two this week (fingers crossed) so maybe we’ll make a few more!Penguin middle